Bread Making - Bread Baking Process and Ingredients

Bread can be made very easily. It consists of four simple ingredients and patience. But there is also technique and experimenting (at least for the home version of the bread). For industrial and commercial bread, there are also bread improvers that speed up the making of the bread and change its taste.

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How Bread is made?

How bread is made? As a matter of fact, it could be pretty simple - with a technique and a few simple ingredients in no time there is tasty bread on our table.

Picture - Burger Bread

Bread Improvers and Dough Conditioners

With industrialization and making of the bread with machines, industrialists tried to speed up the production. This is done with bread improvers which speed up mixing and rising in different ways.

Picture - Baking Bread
Picture - Bread Baked in Brick Oven
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