Bread History - From Prehistory to Modern Bread

For centuries as bread is with us, its ingredients didn’t change much - maybe because each serves a precise purpose. We still use them today, but what do they do, and why are they used? Read more about bread history.

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Origins of Bread and History of Bakery

Bread is one of the most widespread types of food. It appeared at roughly the same time in different parts of the world made from flours that were available locally. Appearance of the bread marked changing of the society from hunter-gatherer to agricultural.

Picture - Flour from the Kitchen

History of Flour

Flour is on of the basic food materials. It can be used for bread and for other types of food. General method of flour-making stayed the same for thousands of years - grinding. It is just that the technology progressed.

Picture - Harvest Wheat Field

History of Wheat

Wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food and its history is long. It was one of the first crops that could be easily cultivated in larger quantities and with that it was a key factor enabling the emergence of city-based societies. Read more about history of wheat.

Picture - Chunks of Baker's Yeast

History of Baker's Yeast

In its many forms, Yeast is an essential ingredient in bread making. It makes the bread lighter and tastier. It wasn’t always so. But thanks to some forgetful baker, we can enjoy tasty baked goods today. Here you can read about the history of baker’s yeast.

Picture - Sliced Loaf of Whole Grain Spelt Bread

History of Sliced Bread

The sliced bread was the baking industry's greatest step since bread was wrapped. It replaced 80% of non-sliced bread in the first five years. The reason was convenience. Here you can read about the history of sliced bread.

Picture of Tortilla

History of the Tortilla

Tortillas are a simple food but maybe because of that they appeared in many places of the world at the around same time and are still popular as they were when they were necessity. Read about history of tortilla.

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